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Best Ankle Mobility Drill For Better Squat Depth – Ankle Mobility Assessment

Is Ankle Mobility Limiting Your Squat Depth?

If you’ve difficulty squatting to depth and always seem to be relying on some sort of prop for your heel, it might be because your ankles are actually limiting your squat depth and mobility.

This is one common area that might get overlooked when trying to improve your squat form or squat depth.

A lot of therapists will look at hip mobility and knee mechanics for during a squat. Even though this is useful, adding an ankle mobility assessment is crucial for understanding the whole picture.

One easy way to test out your ankle mobility is with the Knee to Wall Test. This will give you an idea if your ankles are limiting your squat and whether some ankle mobility work is a good idea for you.

One way I like to improve ankle mobility is to do a box stretch (see first video). Put one leg up on the box and then lean as far forward as possible. Getting my weight forward in front of my ankle. Then I just rock back and rock back into holding for about five to 10 seconds each time. Really trying to get a little bit further each time rocking that knee forward.

This is a great way to star improving your ankle mobility, and get you on track for improving your squat!

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