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How to Fix Golfer’s Elbow – Fix Elbow Pain

How to Fix Golfer’s Elbow – Fix Medial Elbow Pain

Golfer’s elbow is a condition where the tendon at the medial (inside) of the elbow becomes inflamed or painful.

This not only impacts golfers, but many active adults or fitness athletes will get similar elbow pain as well.

Strength training is critical in the rehab process for golfer’s elbow.

Here is a cool set up and tool that we can use to target the tendon at the medial elbow that may be causing your pain, and hopefully this will alleviate a lot of the golfer elbow symptoms you have.

Set Up:

With a loading pin, add the appropriate weight . Then using the wrist wrench, which is basically a tube with some webbing on it, twist the tube to increase the challenge of the movement.

What you can do is roll the webbing to bias either the medial or lateral tendons of the elbow. To target golfer’s elbow, you will want to have a medial bias (roll the webbing towards the midline of your body).

Sets of this should be challenging in order to get a change at the tendon!

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