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How to Improve Your Balance – Best Exercise for Single Leg Stability!!!

Do You Struggle With Keeping Your Balance On One Leg?

Wall angels are a great exercise to test and improve your balance on a single leg. A simple, but effective balance exercise, all you really need for equipment or setting is a wall to stand next to

This is a great exercise to try while reviving from an ankle injury, or while warming up for some balancy moves on the climbing wall.

If this is easy for you, try challenging yourself further by doing it on the ball or toes of your feet or by trying on some foam.

We like using this exercise as an advanced movement in physical therapy, especially for those returning from sports related injury. 

In terms of dosing of the exercise you have a few options. We incorporate this with most individuals during their warm up before lifting or before sports participation. 

Doing a couple sets of 5-10 per leg is a great place to start! 

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