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How to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility Immediately! Fix Shoulder Pain!

Having trouble with lifting your arm overhead? 

Maybe you are getting some extra stiffness compared to normal?

Here is one quick self-massage method that we as physical therapists give to clients from time to time.

We like using a lacrosse ball, as it is stiffer than a tennis ball 🎾 and seems more pinpointed compared to a foam roller.

Hitting the lat can sometimes improve how well you can move overhead, and we often put this into a warmup before hitting the gym or completing your training session.

Sometimes this can help with soreness after a back day as well! 

Why does hitting the lat help with overhead mobility? 

The lat helps with shoulder extension, which is the opposite motion of shoulder flexion (lifting your up or trying to go overhead). Targeting your muscle with some massage while it’s on stretch is a good way to try to improve mobility! 

In physical therapy evaluations, we test shoulder mobility using testing, and one of the tests can be seen in the video below! 

Can You Touch The Wall With a Flat Back?

This is just one example of what we do during a physical therapy evaluation when assessing the shoulder joint. 

If you are lacking mobility during this test, doing some self-massage with a lacrosse ball might help – Check out the first video in this post! (

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