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How to Increase Hip Mobility – Fix Hip Pain

How to Increase Hip Mobility – Must Do Hip Mobility Exercise

One of our favorite hip mobility exercises is to do a child’s pose rocker, but with one leg outstretched.

This is putting your hip into a abduction while rocking into child’s pose, which allows you to feel the stretch in a few different places of your leg and low back compared to a traditional child’s pose (if you are into yoga, you are probably familiar!).

When rocking back, you will feel a deep stretch in my adductor (muscle that attaches from your knee up into your groin), as well as my hamstring.

Hold times can vary depending on what your goal is with the exercise. I like to hold this for about five seconds before rocking back up moving into a little bit deeper of a stretch each time.

This is a great way to perform a dynamic warmup prior to your training session, or can be done in addition to your current mobility routine.

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