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How to Perform Better Lunges – Fix Knee Pain

How to Do Better Lunges – Increase Your Mobility During Your Lunges

In the gym or even when people first come into our clinic, we often see people doing partial ranges of motion during their lunges. This is often a good starting place for patient who have knee pain, and depending on your sport or goal, can be totally appropriate.

If mobility is the goal (hip or knee mobility) and you want get a little bit extra work on the connect tissue, what we actually recommend is doing full lunge getting as deep as possible. This can actually work on improving mobility and your tolerance for those more bent knee ranges of motion.

Patients with knee pain may have more pain in these positions, so it is a case by case scenario. But working into deeper lunges can have dramatic improvements in your mobility without having to spend your time stretching or performing a daily mobility routine.

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