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How to Strength Train Like a PRO – Rotational Strength Testing

How to Test Rotational Strength

Here is one way to assess rotational strength! We were playing around with the gStrength to asses rotation strength.

Generally speaking, this isn’t something we assess a whole lot in the rehab/fitness world, but I like the application for sports that use a lot of rotation…

Realistically, finding better ways to assess strength for golfers and baseball players is something that we are striving for in the physical therapy and strength conditioning field.

Using the gStrength, we can test isometric peak force really easily. One of the most common uses for this is when testing whole body pull strength with an isometric mid-thigh pull. This can allow you to estimate deadlift 1RM without performing a 1RM protocol.

Testing rotation may be useful to assess baseline and post-programing strength to make sure that you as an athlete (that needs lots of rotation) is on the right track towards improving performance!

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