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How To Strength Train Like A PRO – Strength Testing

What Can Strength Testing Do For You

While we don’t break out the Gstrength on every patient, we do find this to be an especially helpful tool when working with athletes.

Whether you’re a 50 year old skier with an ACL reconstruction, a 30 year old climber with a past pulley injury, a 15 year old swimmer with shoulder issues, testing can give use a great look into asymmetries between sides.

For athletes who don’t have pain complaints, we have found testing like this extremely helpful in building out training blocks.

Ultimately, this tool allows us to quantify strength in a way we don’t get with typical manual muscle testing— allowing us to create more specific goals and treatment plans.

Here’s a few of the latest uses we’ve found in our clinic:

  1. Quad strength assessment for an athlete 1 year post ACLR
  2. Rotational strength for a golfer
  3. Single leg squat strength for a martial artist with hip pain
  4. Split squat strength on a youth soccer player with past knee pain

We love changing up the set up of our Gstrength so that we can test a variety of positions on our athletes.

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