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How to Train Hamstrings Like a PRO – Fix Knee Pain

Train Your Hamstrings - Help Fix Knee Pain

Hamstrings play a huge role in our athletic performance. Strong hamstrings can make us powerful and fast when sprinting, or can keep us on the wall while climbing.

On the other hand, weak hamstrings can leave us performing suboptimally and set us up for an increased risk of injury throughout our season.

Nordic curls are one great exercise to train your hamstrings. 🔥

However, without a partner or the right equipment it can be hard to effectively perform this exercise.

One way to do this exercise by yourself is to wedge a bar against a rack and brace your feet against it.

This is a great way to anchor your feet down without the assistance of another person.

Try it out and let us know what you think!


We also love to train the hamstrings in our clients with knee or hip pain, meaning that this excises may benefit you even if you don’t consider yourself an “athlete”. 

Many active people such as gym goers or active moms can benefit from strengthening their hamstrings. 

For knee pain, hamstring strength is critical, and improving the strength in this area is essential during your physical therapy program! 

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