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Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab

Dr. Kimmy Wiley PT, DPT

Co-owner of Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab |
Physical Therapist | Co-Founder |

Kimmy was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin. In college, Kimmy was a part of her university’s women’s soccer team during undergraduate, and afterwards Kimmy became very involved in climbing, hiking, and anything outdoors.

After completing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy Kimmy hit the road as a traveling physical therapist and enjoys exploring local crags around the nation. It was not long after graduation that Kimmy began to see the flaws of the medical system and how much insurance can effect the quality of care patients receive. Because of this she decided to go her own way and start Peak Pursuit, where she can help outdoor athletes and active adults get back to the lifestyle they love.

In her free-time Kimmy can be found in the mountains hiking, biking, snowboarding, or climbing.

Dr. Drake Griggs, PT, DPT

Co-owner of Peak Pursuit Performance and Rehab |
Physical Therapist | Co-Founder |

Drake comes from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He became passionate for the outdoors at a young age, and loved the idea helping people with exercise versus medicine. Introduced to climbing while in college, he soon became captivated by the sport. He now explores the country in his free time, and has begun bouldering development in his hometown.

Soon after completing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Drake entered the work force as a travel therapist with the goal of exploring as much of the country as possible. Fed up with the shortcomings of the medical system, he decided to launch a practice striving to provide high quality one-on-one care helping outdoor enthusiasts remain involved in their passion.

In his free-time, Drake can be found at the local golf course “hitting the links” or in the mountains skiing and hiking.

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