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Must TRY Lower Back Pain Fix! Fix Back Pain When Sleeping!

How to Fix Low Back Pain When Sleeping on Your Back?

DO You NEED to fix your sleeping posture? Here’s a couple positions that might help with your sleeping posture! A lot of interventions in physical therapy involve trying to fix posture – but this doesn’t always improve how you feel in terms of back pain, but for some people, this gives them the relief they need to kickstart on the right track.

Putting a pillow below your knees when sleeping on your back can give some low back symptom relief becuase it takes some of the “arch” out of your low back.

We call this arch lumbar lordosis, and having lordosis or some curvature in your low back is a completely normal thing. 

When you have a low back pain episode, getting out of lordosis in the short term or when sleeping can feel better for some people. 

Some people prefer not to bend down when they have back pain (avoiding flexion of the spine), while others don’t like bending backwards (avoiding extension). 

If you are someone who likes to avoid extension when your back is flared up, this sleeping position is something worth trying! 

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