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Overhead Squat Mobility Test – Could You PASS?

Overhead Squat Mobility Test

Here is a test that we do in clinic to assess several areas of mobility.

The region that this will examine include:

  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Hip Mobility
  • Ankle Mobility

If you are limited in any of these areas, the depth and quality of your squat will be affected.

What we’re seeing is if do you have the shoulder mobility to keep this behind your head, are your feet having to come out because of your hips, and then do your hips get enough depth during the test.

Those with pain or injury will have a hard time getting a full deep overhead squat, and more often than not, the injured region is the limiter of the squat test.

This is just one of 16 points that we screen when golfers seek us for physical therapy or when trying to improve performance.

Golfers tend to emphasize technique and skill without considering if their body has the capability to perform an efficient golf swing.

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