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Shoulder Pain With Bench Press? (DO THIS!)

How to Fix Shoulder Pain With Bench Press?

Have a stiff or painful shoulder or a shoulder injury? This is one way we as physical therapists can assess your strength and modify bench press so you can still perform your favorite lift without shoulder pain!

Overcoming Isometrics

When it comes to tendon injuries we often dial back our intensity— sometimes taking complete rest from sport/lifting completely.

With connective tissue injuries, this sort of approach often leaves us continuing to have pain when we start back up.

Why is this?
Because, by resting, we haven’t improved the strength OR capacity of the tissues themselves.

Now, though working out while having pain may go against our basic intuition— the WAY we work out can play a huge role in whether or not we heal faster, or whether or not we aggravate things further.

When it comes to tendon-based injuries our biggest risk factor is volume rather than intensity. In fact, having appropriate intensity is crucial in creating adaptations in our connective tissue.

Our favorite way to do this, is by doing some sort of overcoming isometric. Having a patient push or pull against an immovable object.

This is a great way to keep intensity high but overall range of motion and volume low. (And these isometrics sometimes even have pain-relieving effects)

The type of exercises we do with this may vary from person to person— but the principle is basically the same.

Find a way to get strong, while minimizing pain!

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