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Simplest Low Back Pain Exercise – MUST TRY Lower Back Pain Fix

Simplest Low Back Pain Exercise

Here’s one of our favorite things for low back pain. A lot of times we don’t load our back in flexion. Many patients fear to bend over and get a lot of bend at their spine when we’re adding load.

It can be scary for some, especially if the bout of pain is severe. But loading the back progressively over time is a good idea in order to improve the overall capacity off the region.

Here’s a nice way to work into that. This exercise (with a 30 pound ball for me) loads the spine in flexion at a relatively low intensity.

We do this in our physical therapy clinic to help warm up the lower back before strength training or other mobility exercise.

You’re putting some load through your low back while it’s in that flexion, allowing it to adapt and gain more tolerance to that position.

A Full Set Could Be:

  • 15-30 reps

Try this to just to get things warmed up, loosen up your back, and loosen up your hips!

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