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MUST Do Drill For A Better Golf Swing – Improve Your Hip Rotation

Must DO Drill For A Better Golf Swing!

Many golfers struggle with timing during their golf swing. Some swing their arms before hips or even move both at the same time.

If you look at the kinetic sequence of the golf swing, movement happens in this order:

  1. Pelvis/Hips
  2. Torso
  3. Arms

If you have a hard time disassociating your arms and your hips during your golf swing. This exercise is one thing worth trying.

Using the rack allows your arms to be stable. Performing this in your golf swing posture (5-iron). Then move your hips from side to side as if you were performing a golf swing.

This is one easy way to start working on being able to move your hips without your arms during your golf swing.

As a progression, you could also add some speed into it. This can hopefully better transfer to golf considering the speed of the golf swing.

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