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The BEST Lat Stretch – Fix Tight Shoulders!

If you’re a climber, lifter, or just generally have tight lats, this is my absolute favorite stretch.

To start off, I like to move into a slightly side bent child’s pose. Often, people will feel a stretch just rocking back into this position.

However, a way to crank this up even more is to gently rotate the opposite direction (essentially externally rotating at the shoulder).

If you don’t feel a stretch after that point- you probably don’t even have lats to begin with!

In general, with any sort of pulling or overhead athlete, we will find some sort of restriction in their lats (sometimes limiting their overall shoulder mobility)

This is a great way to start targeting that area (I like to do mobilize by moving in and out of the position, but you can totally statically stretch as well— if that’s what you prefer)

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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