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What’s Causing Your Shoulder Pain? Fix Tight Shoulders!

How to Test Your Shoulder Mobility and Eliminate Tight or Stiff Shoulders!

The Appley Scratch Test 

Here is one quick mobility screen/test we do in physical therapy, and this gives us a general idea of how limited you are in terms of mobility from side to side. 

Often patients with shoulder pain complain of a lack of mobility or stiffness when moving their shoulder.

This test combines movements at the shoulder, giving us an idea of what planes of movement are giving you trouble. 

This test can eyeball your mobility from side to side, which can help with exercise selection and programming.

The measurement from side to side and what should be compared during the test is how close your fingers can reach together. 

Physical therapists also can mark/measure how far along your spine you can reach with each hand or measure the distance with a tape measure between your fingers. 

This is just one of the tests we can do in physical therapy during an evaluation to determine what is causing your shoulder pain!

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